We have worked with Connie & Steve for years and can't imagine using anyone else. Great photography is so important to marketing homes for sale. We have had great success and owe that success to surrounding ourselves with great people. Connie is part of our team.- Matt Lucky
Connie has a natural ability to capture the slightest moment of magic in a scene and memorialize it in her photos. I've worked with her both professionally in her architecture photographs and personally, shooting precious life moments beginning with my beloved dog through to my pregnancy and my daughter's birthdays. As a photographer and a friend, she is there to walk through my life journey with me and provide me with stellar photographs so I can look back and remember these times with a smile.- Trish Strong
I would only use Connie and Steve, CWLIFE Photography, for the photography of all of my property listings. They are an incredible team that together capture a home so beautifully, but so visually artistic to their audience. I know when they have done a shoot for me that the photos are the very best representation of the home that I can provide for my sellers in order to sell it. They work tirelessly on every shoot to get the number of shots they need to capture the best visually of the home. Their professionalism with my clients, their work ethic, their photographic skills and staging are the best in the industry. In fact, they make me look good to my clients...and the best part is that their incredible photography makes a huge contribution in selling my listings! In my 30 years of selling real estate, I have never worked with such talented photographers, and I would highly recommend them to anyone seeking a high level of professional photography.- Debbie Duffy

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