Terms of Use

We at Photography by REALM, a Division of CWLIFE Photography, LLC (hereafter referred to as REALM), are inspired by architectural design and detail. Since 2004 we have learned “to see” the uniqueness of each project, deliver creative images, and develop strong client relationships – as service is paramount! As a professional photography company, it is important to note that we protect our work; the information below is intended to help answer questions about our services, image use, and copyright.


  • Commercial photography of businesses (with and without people) both day and evening
  • Website photography for marketing and portfolio purposes
  • Day interior and exterior residential real estate photography
  • Lighted sunset/evening residential real estate photography
  • Zillow Video (2min max) for residential properties listed for sale
  • Drone Video/Aerial Stills (partnership with our affiliate)
  • Professional Business Portraits
  • Events / Weddings (see www.cwlifephotography.com)


Ownership and copyright of all photography taken by REALM remain with REALM and its parent company CWLIFE Photography LLC – Standard industry practice / for copyright law click here


  • Commercial projects vary in size and scope. From building images, to staged lifestyle images for marketing of a brand, to company employee portraits, etc.
  • Images used for portfolio building and marketing of their business/service are deemed commercial and will be assessed a fee based on scope of project
  • Usage Rights for commercial projects will be outlined in a bid/license agreement and signed by both parties.
  • Photos used in magazines/publications (print/online) must display the following photo credit ©Photography by REALM.

Residential / Realtor

  • When a licensed realtor schedules a photo shoot of a residential property, an agreement is created between the realtor and REALM. As such, REALM grants the realtor (both the primary and/or co-lister of the subject property) limited usage rights (not ownerships rights) to the images. The limited usage rights are for the realtor(s) to market & sell the subject property for the life of the listing contract. Photos may be used on the web when uploaded to mls and other applicable real estate sites directly relating to the marketing of the property for sale, and in marketing materials such as flyers, brochures and postcards. Photos used in magazines/publications (print/online) must display the following photo credit ©Photography by REALM.
  • Photos may never be distributed or sold to a third party for any reason. Third parties include but are not limited to: designers, builders, architects, stagers, homeowners, etc. If a third party is interested in obtaining limited usage rights to certain images they can contact REALM directly for pricing information. All images and rights relating to said images, including copyright and ownership rights, remain the sole and exclusive property of REALM and its parent company CWLIFE Photography LLC.
  • MLS INPUT – $25 per listing
  • REALM cannot remove any item(s) that results in misrepresentation of the property (ie power-lines, holes in walls, mismatched paint deficiencies etc.)


Please refer to the CONTACT page on our website. If you need immediate assistance or have a question please email info@PhotographybyREALM.com or call 602.653.9722. We try to respond to inquiries with 24 hours.


  • For most projects, images will shared via Dropbox. The use of Dropbox is intended only as a method of transfer. It is the clients’ responsibility to download and save the images to their own computers, drives, storage devices, etc. for future use. REALM will only provide access to the images for thirty (30) days after which the images will be removed from Dropbox.
  • If more than 30 days have passed and a client is asking for REALM to access archives for files, a fee of $50 will be assessed. There is however no guarantee that the images will still be on file with REALM. Once images have been delivered to the client and 30 days have passed, REALM no longer has any obligations to save the images.
  • On larger commercial and event projects, images will most likely be delivered on a thumb-drive for the client’s keeping. The delivery of the final images releases REALM from any obligation to retain those images in the future.


Payment for services is due at the time the images are received by the client (or as outlined in contract). An invoice will be emailed to you and payment can be paid by check, credit card, or direct bill pay. The invoice provided for the photography assignment represents the photographic fee for the service of having a photographer from REALM photograph the property and/or it’s design elements.

Your satisfaction of the final images is very important to REALM. If you have any concerns once you have reviewed the final images please contact us and we will be sure to remedy the situation. Sometimes a slight change in edit can make all the difference (please note not all computers are calibrated the same way or are set on the same brightness levels.)


We at REALM often photograph seven (7) days a week. Residential real estate photography assignments are typically scheduled Mon-Fri. Weekends are typically used for Events/Weddings and some Commercial assignments. Most day photography assignments are scheduled between 9am – 4pm to allow time for evening/sunset appointments (time of year impacts schedule).


  • Residential real estate photography assignments will be delivered within 48 hrs after close of business on the day photographed (for examples: photographed on Tues at 2pm, will receive images on or before Friday at 9am). REALM tries to deliver images sooner when schedule permits, but most editing occurs between 9pm-3am.
  • Commercial, Portrait, and Event turnaround time will be outline in bid / license agreement.


  • In the event of inclement weather, we at REALM will advise client of their option to reschedule.
  • If a realtor requests to reschedule the photo shoot when weather is deemed photographable by REALM, a $50/$150 (day/evening) Cancellation fee will be charged. Similarly, if a realtor cancels a photography assignment on the same day regardless of reason a $75/$225 (day/evening) cancellation fee will be charged.
  • Commercial projects will be on a case-by-case situation.
  • In the event a CWLIFE photographer needs to cancel a photography assignment on the same day for illness, family emergency, etc. all efforts will be made to have another REALM photographer photograph the residential property on the same day. Commercial assignments will be reviewed on a case by case situation